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I have seen the light, and it was good

Today, while working at KK I noticed a small Asian woman sitting using the Wi-Fi there. Upon a closer look I realized something great, even through I have spent 3 months in Japan and have witnessed many hotties there, today I have just stumbled up the hottest MILF of all time, alas I think God was forcing me away from her as I left the shop, she was talking to some young asian hooligan. As I backed out of my spot, he was backing out at the same time, too! I was so distraught, I just missed a chance to throw her a smile or a wink or something just to make my "stomach to a back flip" as Harry Potter would say when talking to his Asian hottie, Cho Chang.

But as I said, I don't know who that loser kid was or what he was talking to this angel about, but I think God placed him there to keep me out of trouble; God, I know you are amazing and saved my soul, but sometimes I wonder why something to amazing is placed in front us at times. Makes me think of that passage, God will never tempt us beyond our means; well this hottie of a hottie that was the hottest I have ever seen was too much, so he sent someone to get in the way..."Sigh"

Maybe she will be back!


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  2. Snips I am sure she will be back. How could a lady of such class not acknowledge you? Maybe it was a test of chivalry by God to show how much of a gentlemen you are by beating away the hooligan from the hottie. Thus in a sense making a new "friend" which of whom you would help support and befriend with kiko's approval. Kids gotta eat whether it be fruits n veggies or donuts. Food is food